Project “” Restoration, conservation and exhibition of the fortress „Markeli“ and building technical infrastructure to it. Development of tourist attraction “Medieval Park „Markeli“”,


Financed by scheme of grants “Support for the development of tourist attractions”

Budget line: BG161PO001 / 3.1- 02/2009


The total amount of the project is 3 225 792.58 lev

Start of the project 28.06.2012 

The main objective of the project is the integration of cultural – historical and natural tourist resources of the municipality of Karnobat in sustainable region specific integrated tourist product “Medieval Park brand”


The specific objectives of the project are:

  • Improve the archaeological and tourist state of immovable cultural property of local and national significance – Medieval fortress „Markeli“ and related infrastructure and becoming an attractive tourist site;
  • Creation of sustainable growth and contribution of the tourism sector in economic development in the municipality of Karnobat and support for the development of tourism potential at the regional level;
  • Promoting employment in the tourism sector and reducing the seasonal character;
  • Preservation of cultural – historical and natural heritage of the region in the context of sustainable development;
  • Promoting the image of Karnobat municipality as an attractive, interesting and challenging tourist destination.

The main problems that the project will solve are:

  • Inefficient use of existing cultural, historical and natural resources for the development of cultural and eco-tourism;
  • A limited number of travel services, tourist attractions and complete products;
  • Lack of information about the tourist attractions in the region and a place for disseminating this information;
  • Shortage of trained professionals in the field of tourism;
  • Insufficient advertising and marketing to promote opportunities for tourism in the municipality of Karnobat.



Target groups:

  1. Bulgarian tourists: approximate range of 20,000 in the first year after implementation of the project with subgroups:
  • students / subject is suitable for school trips / from 7 to 18 years / girls and boys / – 11 000;
  • students / by agreement with the Faculty of History / – 500 / men and women with secondary education, enhancing education /;

Other organized groups:

  • pensioners 2500 / men and women with secondary, higher and lower education /
  • Interest groups – 3500 / men and women of different professions, young people and people of working age, education-secondary, higher and lower /;
  • relaxing in the nearby resort / under agreement with tour operators / – 2500 / men and women of various professions with secondary, higher and lower education /;
  1. Foreign tourists approximate range of 5000:
  • Tourists mostly in the nearby seaside resorts 4000 /men and women of working age with different professions and pensioners with secondary, higher and lower education/;
  • tourists, interested in specialized historical tours – 1000 /men and women of working age and retired with mainly secondary and higher education/;
  1. Representatives of local businesses – anticipated 100 people /male and female/: hoteliers, restaurateurs, retailers, entrepreneurs;
  2. Representatives of local authorities – Municipality of Karnobat /due to increased revenues from tourism/;
  3. Tour company, expanding its products /expected interest from 10 companies/;
  4. Unemployed, who will be trained in various tourist services /4 unemployed/ – women and men with higher and secondary education;
  5. Specialists /historians, archaeologists/ – 120 stakeholders – men and women with higher education;
  6. Residents of the region, which will create more opportunities for additional income from services related to tourism.


Final beneficiaries of the project:

  • З200 Bulgarian tourists visiting attraction;
  • 800 foreign tourists;
  • 20 representatives of local businesses – hoteliers, restaurateurs and retailers; transport companies;
  • 5 tour operators;
  • provided employment to 4 of trained unemployed;
  • 10 specialists / historians, archaeologists /.
  • local authority – /increased revenues from tourism/;

The project envisages intervention immovable archaeological cultural heritage – medieval fortress “„Markeli“”. The fortress is located 7.5 km west of Karnobat and 36 km from Burgas. Located on the Hisar hill, which is part of Eastern Stara Planina. Included are the following activities:

The project envisages intervention immovable archaeological cultural heritage – medieval fortress “„Markeli“”. The fortress is located 7.5 km west of Karnobat and 36 km from Burgas. Located on the Hisar hill, which is part of Eastern Stara Planina. Included are the following activities:

  1. Conservation – restoration work revealed so far on architectural remains of the fortress – the fortress (east, west and north) walls, towers, martirium church, southeastern curtain, water supply facility.
  2. Exhibiting fortress – Reconstruction of an army of VIII century in three parts by installing three tents exposure in real sizes /models of warriors elements of bits/ with sound: Proto yurt; Byzantine tent; Arena of battle; Exhibition of medieval military siege equipment – propelling and battering rams in real size
  3. Construction works – providing access to the Fortress by building road and parking; tourist approaches (footbridge, footpaths and wooden platform), installation of prefabricated building with room booking office, office staff, warehouse; installation of signs; electrification of the site; landscaping; developing a zone of recreation and tourism “„Markeli“ – Mochuritsa River”; clearance for monitoring waterfowl.
  4. Equipment and development activities of the Visitor Information Centre building – municipal property in Karnobat.
  5. Signing of Memorandum of regional cooperation in tourism.
  6. Marketing and adverting activities


Expected Results

Improved conditions for the visits of tourists and access to the tourist site: an asphalt road to the site /2997 m/; parking /25 parking spaces/; mounted six toilets; mounted 2 mobile container service to visitors on the spot; provided electrification, landscaping the area of ​​attraction; built area for recreation and tourism “„Markeli“ – River Mochuritsa”

Installation of a new main switchboard, distribution cartridge fortress and electric; Installation of park luminaires on the parking – 18 pieces; Installation of floodlights illuminating the shaft walls of the castle, church and water supply facilities; Electrification cable 1590 meters of the site; mounted 18 flashlights; Improved conditions for visitors

Making of a two-line anti-erosion protective belt of bushes; Landscaping the area around the car park, main entrance and recreation areas; Grassing of damaged areas around driveways and decks; Created by anti-erosion chafing 8292 pcs. ornamental shrubs – 2 rows 1 km .; Green areas with grass 4000 sq.m; Wooded 149 pcs. deciduous and 7 pc. coniferous vegetation.

Installed 29 benches with backrest in wooded areas; picnic tables with benches – 7; gazebos – 7; 2 mounted aerial surveillance of poultry; telescope for bird watching – 2; placed 50 dustbins; Improved conditions for visiting tourists.

Developed a new tourist product “Medieval Park brand” with existing attractions: exposed historical facts: 2 reenactments / Military camp with Exposition “Battle Arena” and introduced a new tradition has sabitie- Reconstruction of battle Khan Kardam of 792 year

Improved conditions of tourists service: Operating Visitor Information Center; developed 3 tourist routes; 3 developed tourist package with 10 elements; provided opportunities to use Audio guide and on-line reservation system by tourists;

Provided professional services to tourists by 4 people newly trained staff and five other full-time; Provided additional employment of 17 people part-time; Increased social benefits for the population of the municipality of Karnobat.

Integrated a sustainable network between the mayors of 10 municipalities for regional cooperation in tourism;

Created network of regional cooperation in tourism: signed agreement and improved cooperation.

Popularized tourist attraction: active site of attraction; mounted advertising and information signboards, exposed 2 mock-ups; issued and distributed promotional and informational materials in Bulgarian and English; promotional film translated in 5 languages; participate in two tourism fairs; signed 3 contracts with tourist organizations and agencies; presented a multimedia presentation.

Implementation of conservation – restoration activities and opening of the fortress “Markeli“ socialization of the site, the creation of the Visitor Information Centre, development of tourist routes and packages, the signing of a regional cooperation in tourism between the ten municipalities as well as large-scale marketing and advertising activities will allow expanded use of all tourism-related resources at local and regional level that will satisfy the needs of different target groups.