History in ruins

Markeli fortress experienced several major battles that chronicles tell in their books. On 20th of July 792, around the Fortress broke fierce battle – Bulgarian army, led by Khan Kardam against the Byzantine army, commanded by the Emperor Constantine VI. Byzantium suffered terribly unheard defeat in which perished and most prominent Byzantine generals. In “Life of Yoanikii” noted that in the course of the battle the Emperor himself was caught in a snare, but saved by Yoanikii. In the first decade of the ninth century mark as the frontier fortress it is invariably in the relationship between Byzantium and Bulgaria. In 811, Markeli is the starting point for concentrating Byzantine armies in the invasion of the Emperor Nicephorus The First Genikus in Bulgaria. With major military successes of Khan Krum after July 26 811 and is connected fragment chronicle inscription which reads the name of Markeli.