The Gold Treasure

Excavations in a small clay pot was found treasure of З7 gold coins, 5 gold rings and one gold ring. Treasure coins are well preserved and З1 pcs belong to the Byzantine emperors Nikifor Botaniates IIIth (1078-1081); 4 pcs to Alexios Ist Komnenos(1092-1118) and 2 pcs John IInd Komnenus (1118-114З). Thirty-five of them were minted in the mint of Constantinople, and two – in Thessalonica. Five gold rings finding, which was based on iron, probably earrings or “golden” objects served as a medium of exchange. It is assumed that the found treasure family values, accumulated mainly in the 80-90 years of XI century, but its recovery continued in the first decades of the XII century.